We Are Genesis Global

Breakthrough Science with Revolutionary Results

SkinHealix is a proprietary line of cosmeceuticals formulated, manufactured, and distributed by Genesis Global. Holding several dozen patents in the realm of peptide science and over 30 years of intensive research in this space has positioned Genesis Global to bring innovation in a multitude of consumer categories.

The SkinHealix products represent a truly unparalleled marriage of exotic botanicals, essential vitamins & minerals, and proprietary peptides that serve to target, unlock, and activate key protective and restorative processes within your body. This same blueprint is applied to all of Genesis Global's innovations... past, present, and in the future.

Genesis Global has and always will be pioneering new scientific innovations and scouring the earth for undiscovered or unknown botanical ingredients we can mobilize for the benefit of your health and comfort.

Our Leadership

Joey Edge Chief Executive Officer

Joey Edge | Chief Executive Officer

Joey Edge, CEO and Managing Partner of Genesis Global has had a very successful career as an innovative marketplace leader. His focus is achieving positive results through strong leadership, effective communication, interpersonal relations, and excellent analytical skills. Joey's successes have been the result of developing strategic partnerships and synergies with functional leaders to effectively bridge the gap between the needs of clients and customers, business objectives, operational decisions, and financial targets while continuing to contain costs and drive profitable growth.

"I've often been regarded as a 'motivated catalyst', which I attribute to my ethical foundation, business acumen, and the ability to execute and just get things done."

Joey Edge

Joey founded the Edge Companies in 1991 where he has experienced a very productive 26-year history that included being recognized nationally for his many accomplishments. In 2010 his leadership led to expanding into different industries with the Edge holdings by launching of two internet-based companies and the ownership of a Golf and Spa Resort. He founded Genesis Global in 2016, and purchased Actiogen Inc. in 2017. He is presently focused on expanding the epic product lines internationally and the development of the private label division of the company.

Having served as a Board of Director on many local, state, and national non-profit and faith-based organizations, Joey is deeply committed to partner with others and stop the exploitation of people through forced labor and sex trafficking on a global scale.

Chanda Zaveri Chief Science Officer

Chanda Zaveri | Chief Science Officer

Chanda Zaveri, reknown molecular biologist and Chief Science Officer has been a pioneer in skin, hair, and the personal health care evolution since 1994 having developed many patented products based on peptide chemistry. She was the protégé to two-time Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling. Chanda was the first scientist to introduce peptides to skin care products. Her experience in the specialty of genetics and the understanding of how biological cell structures communicate using specially designed peptides has made Chanda one of the world’s leading experts in cosmeceuticals, nutriceuticals, wound-healing technology, and anti-aging innovations.

Over her career she has created the skin and hair care formulas for L’Oreal, Neutrogena, Oil of Olay, Nexxus, Nivea, Lubriderm, Ponds, Redken, Sabastian, Biolage, Paul Mitchell, Vidal Sassoon and many others.

It is no mistake that Chanda now invests her expertise in developing formulations that are functional and optimized in providing maximum health to one of our most vital and neglected organs; our skin. After diagnosis of a medical condition where her treatments severely damaged her skin, Zaveri focused on developing products that revitalized her skin and relieved her from pain and the adverse effects of her medical treatment, SkinHealix proudly showcases much of the scientific breakthroughs that were developed during that period encapsulating immense benefits to both damaged and healthy skin.

"I've always dreamed about receiving the Nobel Prize because that would mean I had helped truly the world."

Chanda Zaveri

An eager student, Chanda earned her bachelor’s degree in India at the age of 17 and ran away from an arranged marriage to pursue her dream of winning a Nobel prize. Through a series of miraculous events, sold her diamond ring for an airline ticket to America where she was unfamiliar with the culture or the people. “I just wanted to be my own person,” she says. “I've always dreamed about receiving the Nobel Prize because that would mean I had helped truly the world.” Committed to that goal, she continued her studies receiving a Masters degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from the University of California, Santa Barbara and also pursued graduate studies at California Institute of Technology where she became the protégé’ of world renowned scientist and humanitarian Dr. Linus Pauling, the only two time independent Nobel Prize winner. After graduate school and a brief stint working for a major pharmaceutical company, Chanda chose to pursue her own scientific visions as an entrepreneur and founded the Actiogen Corporation based on her proprietary peptide chemistry and healing vision. Chanda never compromises efficacy and quality for price, which is why our products deliver comprehensive benefits of science and application.

After providing the success to many of the world’s largest skin and hair care companies through her formulations she has saved her best science for Genesis Global. The innovations that make up the new lines of patented formulas are the very best of her scientific research and discoveries.

Jim Colyer Vice President of Sales

Jim Colyer | Vice President of Sales

Jim is the ultimate sales professional and began his long outstanding career working for retailers and later leveraged his experience and expertise to bring his winning formula to manufacturers. Jim has built multi-billion dollar retailers and has established distribution for hundreds of CPG products. Through his personal connections with Walmart, Rite-Aid, Kroger and Giant Eagle, among others, Jim has had tremendous success in gaining distribution for new and emerging products, where others could not. One of Jim’s projects that exemplifies his level of expertise was taking a totally unknown brand, Spidertech, and established distribution into 1,040 Walmart stores nationwide. Jim has also built regional brands such as Moonstruck, Umpqua Oats and Portland Roasting into national brands through distribution in Fresh Market, Earth Fare, Weis and most recently Kroger. We are extremely honored to have a man of his integrity, experience, and expertise to lead our sales and distribution efforts.

Our Commitment To You

We believe with the innovations and opportunities we've discovered comes great responsibility. From every patent we are awarded, to every life we touch, we stand firm in our commitment to product superiority and the ultimate experience for our consumers.

At Genesis Global:

  • We will never be content to rest on our past scientific discoveries and successes.
  • We will always be pursuing new scientific innovations and searching the earth for undiscovered or unknown botanical ingredients that can improve or change.
  • Will never sacrifice the quality of our ingredients and efficacy of our products for commercial gain.
  • Will never sacrifice our quality and efficacy to allow our products to be sold through a multi-level marketing distribution model that requires the mark up of products 7 – 10 times the wholesale price to afford the commission payouts required to make the multi-level model work.
  • We will always strive to provide our epic products at an affordable price. We are a privately owned corporation that does not have to chase after the high returns to satisfy stockholders.