Your Skin Is Under Attack

Fortunately, It's Also Quite SMART

Though beauty may be regarded as only 'skin deep', conditions affecting our skin take their toll on our confidence and perceived appeal. That's where SkinHealix steps in.

The natural aging process coupled with a myriad of internal and external environmental factors is often most pronounced through our skin. Spots, lines, wrinkles, blemishes, transparency, and the list goes on.

The great news is your skin is SMART. It's intelligent in knowing exactly what it needs to overcome the onslaught of internal and external adversity it faces. The answer to your skin's intelligence though is delivering the right components to the right targets, at the right time.

SkinHealix is a line of skin care products developed by Genesis Global that marries advanced peptide science with exotic botanicals to counter the assault on your skin. The innovations in our science allow us to answer the intelligent signals your skin is sending with intelligent solutions.

The SkinHealix products have been grouped together into their five distinct modalities. Whether you're looking to finally win that battle with acne, seek to properly protect against UV, or simply desire the youthful skin you once had, SkinHealix has the solution.

Natural aging and environmental factors are on the attack

SkinHealix: For whether you want to hydrate restore protect clear erase look smart...

Skinhealix leverages the best of nature’s botanical ingredients against its expertise in biopeptide science to put a fresh spin on some familiar product concepts. The benefit is a refreshing product inventory that is both award-winning and patented. Our goal remains the same — to create a more effective product line that is as elegant to the discriminating esthetician as it is to the plastic surgeon.